Purple Prose Contest Winner!

Congrats to Matt Fraser, winner of the Post-Apocalyptic Purple Prose Contest!

Here’s his winning entry:

Diana glared, a gleam in her stymied eye, across the purpling sage-filled prairie, golden grains turning red as blood in the decaying light of a dying sun. She wearily lifted a slender, weather-beaten hand to her beetling brow, shielding her fractious gaze from that awful hue, searching determinedly for the slightest sign, the merest indicator, that the egregious enemy so heinously hid in any practical proximity to her present position. Well she comprehended the dire, desperate danger of being capriciously caught in the noxious night, food for the fearful fiends she distinctly despised.”

Matt won a T-shirt with the Nineveh’s Child logo and a signed copy of Nineveh’s Child. He’s also an author. Here’s his website: https://mattfraserbooks.com/about/

Thanks to all who entered!


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