Win a Copy of A Wrinkle in Time

I’m doing an Amazon Giveaway of Madeleine L’Engle’s ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy classic. It was the first science fiction book I remember reading, and with the upcoming movie (which I will see eventually and hope they do the adaptation well) I thought doing a contest might be fun. Plus this will let me see how […]

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Supervillain High

It’s release day for Supervillain High! See the guy in the video wearing the purple tights and mask robbing that bank? That’s my dad. He’s a super villain. The law is after him. The internet loves him. I wish we weren’t related. Fortunately a scholarship fell into my lap to an exclusive private high school […]

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Purple Prose Contest Winner!

Congrats to Matt Fraser, winner of the Post-Apocalyptic Purple Prose Contest! Here’s his winning entry: “Diana glared, a gleam in her stymied eye, across the purpling sage-filled prairie, golden grains turning red as blood in the decaying light of a dying sun. She wearily lifted a slender, weather-beaten hand to her beetling brow, shielding her […]

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