Two Seraph Engine Cover Options

The Seraph Engine is my upcoming release for late fall. Here’s two takes of the cover. Which do you like best? I’m going for a tech noir feel, western science fiction with cyberpunk/cattlepunk elements. Crime fiction and cyborgs. It’s been a fun change of pace writing the story compared to my space opera writing the […]

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Isle of the Fallen sneak peak!

Spoilers if you haven’t read Chapel of the Wyrm. (We pick up the action after the tragic events at the conclusion of part three:) Digger could neither lie down nor stand straight up. A steady rocking beneath his feet was making the nothing in his stomach want to leave. The cage holding him was inside the […]

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Do you skip parts of books?

It’s a strange idea to me but I’ve heard it several times lately on podcasts and book review videos: readers skipping prologues, action scenes, and action beats between dialogue tags. Some of this came from authors. And I can’t imagine reviewing a book without finishing it.

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Peek Inside The Dragon and Rose

Things will never be the same for Digger’s favorite bar… (Excerpt from The Dragon and Rose, Book Two of the Fallen Rogues series.) “This place is grand. Just grand!” Digger looked up from his plate of huevos rancheros as a half dozen youths entered the Dragon and Rose through the back entrance. The group of […]

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