Firefly Poll Results

The poll question asked which two Serenity crewmembers would you take for your own spaceship, with the remaining posts filled with redshirts. Kaylee Frye 80% Zoe Washburne 50% Hoban Washburne 30% Malcolm Reynolds 20% Simon Tam 10% River Tam 10% Inara Serra 0% Jayne Cobb 0% Derrial Book 0% Kaylee is the clear favorite choice. […]

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Yellow Envy Cover Reveal

I’m excited to share the cover for my upcoming new release! Yellow Envy is part three of the Blood of the Masked God series. It’s a continuation of Lily’s story, dealing with the aftermath of the events in Blue Mercy. The artist Abbyanna Gehrke at did a crazy-good job. Here it is. What do […]

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Positive Character Development

Characters should go through some sort of process during a story. Either they learn or refuse to learn, they grow or they decide to stagnate, they evolve or they decline. All are acceptable character arcs. But my favorite arc is when a character does indeed face the challenges of the plot and comes out on the other side improved.

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Red Wrath Release Week!

It’s Red Wrath Release Week! First reviews: “5.0 out of 5 stars. Engaging new take on superhero genre.” “A brilliant fast-paced read…” “Kept me turning the pages up to the end – even at the cost of needed sleep.” Blurb:  Heroes always do good. That’s what Lily believed until a superhero killed her parents. The news reported […]

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