The Seraph Engine

There were three things Miles Kim didn’t like about the bandits who had stopped the atomic grav train bound for Seraph. First, one of the robbers, a rangy puke wearing a tattered duster and a paisley bandana around his mouth, had punched the porter, who had unlocked the passenger car to let the two men […]

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New Project Poll

’m continuing to work on the upcoming release for The Seraph Engine while planning its sequels in the Old Chrome series. The stories are turning into a fun blend of crime and detective story in a tech-noir western science fiction setting.

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Funny Dialogue

How do characters speak? I have a row on my outline spreadsheet for each character with a comment or two about their pattern of speaking. Terse. Argumentative. Interrupts. Interrogates. Conciliatory. Deflects with humor. Occasionally it’s a mannerism. Calls people partner. Always uses last names. Repeats a phrase for emphasis. These tags help when returning to […]

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