Fighting Distractions in 2020

What’s your biggest distraction? How do you deal with it? I’m not one for resolutions. But knowing my own tendencies and attention span means in 2020 as much as ever I’ll need to work to keep my writing time productive. Fighting distractions is like weeding. It’s a continuous process which needs vigilance. Writing at the […]

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Legion of Doom Poll Results

Here’s your 2020 Legion of Doom sum up from the poll I ran last week, along with a few of your comments. The original question: Due to budget cuts, you can only hire three villains for the 2020 Legion of Doom. Who do you pick? Results: Brainiac wins with four votes. Sinestro gets three votes […]

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Goblin Reign News

Goblin Reign Part Four  I finished the last rewrite before Goblin War Chief (working title, probably will use it.) goes to alpha readers and my editor. In the fourth novel of the series we follow Thistle’s story as she joins a warband setting out to take revenge on the humans living closest to Athra. These belong to the […]

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