Red Wrath Cover Reveal

“Some heroes will pay for their sins.” My newest novel Red Wrath is a darker superhero thriller that I look forward to sharing! Basic premise: What if the Punisher tried to take out Superman? I’m excited to show off the awesome cover!   Red Wrath will be an Amazon exclusive for a couple of months […]

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Story Conclusion Poll Results

Here’s the conclusions and happy endings poll results. Many responders had comments that didn’t quite fit into a solid yes or no. I’ve added the comments below. Can a satisfying ending have a cliffhanger? (Yes = 9, No = 6) Personal note: after watching the latest Avengers film which ends on a major cliffhanger, I found […]

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Story Conclusions Poll

Here’s a quick poll. Feel free to comment on one or all of the questions and I’ll combine the results from here, Facebook, and my newsletter and publish them in a later post. 1) Can a satisfying ending have a cliffhanger? 2) Can a satisfying ending have major dangling plot lines when part of a […]

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