Do you skip parts of books?

It’s a strange idea to me but I’ve heard it several times lately on podcasts and book review videos: readers skipping prologues, action scenes, and action beats between dialogue tags. Some of this came from authors. And I can’t imagine reviewing a book without finishing it.

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Peek Inside The Dragon and Rose

Things will never be the same for Digger’s favorite bar… (Excerpt from The Dragon and Rose, Book Two of the Fallen Rogues series.) “This place is grand. Just grand!” Digger looked up from his plate of huevos rancheros as a half dozen youths entered the Dragon and Rose through the back entrance. The group of […]

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How dark is too dark?

My decision to place both Goblin and Midnight Monster Club in the dark fantasy subcategory was based on trying to signal to prospective readers that both books were going to be gritty but not grim. (Grimdark is yet another subcategory). Both deal with grounded storylines on the opposite side of the spectrum from high fantasy, with a tighter focus […]

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Dragon and Rose Preorder Special

If you’ve met Digger, Sprat Hellard, Isabel, and the queen of Loom Island… The Dragon and Rose is coming with a $0.99 preorder special. Grab a copy of Book Two of the Fallen Rogues series before it hits its regular price upon release on June 13th, 2020. I’ll share more spoiler-y stuff soon. Midnight Monster Club It’ll […]

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Goblin Outcast Sneak Peek!

It’s Goblin Outcast release week! Excerpt: (Spoilers: This scene is between Fath the dragon, Thistle, and Noe and occurs just before a confrontation with the human army poised to invade Athra.) His wounds seeped and flowed with pus. His skin appeared to sag. The scars of his eyes had puckered his face into a frightful, monstrous […]

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Fighting Distractions in 2020

What’s your biggest distraction? How do you deal with it? I’m not one for resolutions. But knowing my own tendencies and attention span means in 2020 as much as ever I’ll need to work to keep my writing time productive. Fighting distractions is like weeding. It’s a continuous process which needs vigilance. Writing at the […]

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